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Sede is an independent musical artist who currently resides in Hardy, AR but hails from the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta. A performing and song writing career spanning from 1987 to present has brought him through many different musical stylings. His style is richly varied and has been described as everything from americana to ambient to underground gothic metal. 

Sede has been pursuing his path of spiritual enlightenment from a very young age. Sede's first official appointments as a musically enhanced spiritual counselor date back as early as 1990 when he first began teaching, writing, and performing songs that spoke to natural values. 

Ms. Patricia Storm of Diana's Grove, Salem, MO taught Sede everything that he needed to know about drumming and drum circle practice over the course of a few weekends in 1996. After a few years of active practice and influence by drumming greats such as Russel "Buddy" Helm; Sede began offering drum workshops in 2006. After more than a decade of experience Sede still insists that he fails to be able to impart much more than Ms. Storm had imparted in '96. 

With a take no prisoners attitude toward connecting with his audience and a profound commitment to spreading his message of global unity and love through action, his extraordinarily loyal fan base just seems to continue to grow.